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Very rarely, some diamonds have intensely strong colors.

The strong colors of these diamonds, termed "Fancies", exist due to trace elements being trapped in the diamonds. These "Fancy" diamonds are often more valuable than even a colorless diamond.

Color is graded against a set of master stones under a special light which simulates northern sunlight.

While many diamonds appear colorless, subtle differences exist, and diamonds may have subtle yellow or brown tones.

When the diamond is viewed from the bottom, eight perfectly symmetrical hearts can be seen, and when viewed from the top, eight symmetrical arrows.

Every round brilliant cut diamond within the Class A Collection is a Hearts and Arrows diamond.

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Our mission is to build a lifetime relationship with each client through comprehensive diamond and gemstone education, dedicated personal attention, and unmatched 3-D jewelry design.Diamonds in the Class A Collection have been certified by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), regarded as the world’s most respected authority in the diamond industry.Your diamond comes with a GIA Diamond Grading Report and its unique GIA Report number which is laser inscribed on the girdle of the diamond, legible only at high magnification.It will return the most light to the eye, since there is nothing to distort the light’s path.Diamond is the only gemstone prized for its lack of color.A perfectly cut diamond will appear very brilliant, whereas a poorly cut diamond can appear dark and lifeless, regardless of its colour and clarity.