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You might also find that you both enjoy it if you call your partner “Sir” – or another nickname that indicates your positions of dominance and submission.

Vogt s fractionation method dating

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Combined use of ground-water dating, chemical, and isotopic analyses to resolve the history and fate of nitrate contamination in two agricultural watersheds, atlantic coastal plain, Maryland.

Sci., Proceedings, July 3-14, 1995, Boulder CO, pp.

Mineralization and assimilation in aquatic, sediment, and wetland systems, In: Knowles, R., and Blackburn, T.

The chemistry of streams in southwestern and central Nova Scotia, with particular reference to catchment vegetation and the influence of dissolved organic carbon primarily from wetlands.

Sources of variation in the oxygen and nitrogen isotopic compositions of nitrate in soils: Am.

Tracing sources of nitrate in snowmelt runoff using the oxygen and nitrogen isotopic compositions of nitrate.