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The quick answer is YES – HOOKED has a search function that allows you to look for search terms, including inappropriate ones like “naked” or “sex.” The chats include X-Rated language and images for the story covers that can include nudity.
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I think that she started to care for Ta Hwan after she became his guard in episode 4.

During the time that she and the king were drinking, the king asked her if she's having a hard time with Ta Hwan because he's odd but she said with a smile on her face that "no, it's actually interesting" then asked a favor to the king.

But,) I understand why he was the way he was especially with Sung Nyang (I) he was a man-child (II) he had been traumatized by El Temur and Sung Nyang gave him the courage to face his demons but I can't help feel that his approach to love was very selfish and self-centered.

He knew she loved Wang Yu but he didn't care he put his needs above hers with regards to heart matters and that is NOT the definition of love for me so I was quite disappointed other than that I loved how Ha Ji Won was able to play a woman with a very beautiful mind and warrior skills, it was quite impressive At first I got annoyed with Sungnyang because I thought she is too indecisive about her feelings for Wang Yoo and Ta Hwan, but after re-watching this series, I realized that wasn't the case and that she actually really loved Ta Hwan all this time.

Then Wang Yu and his companion wanted to keep it a secret from everyone but still Lady Soh, Dangkise and the Emperor found out even though they all wanted to keep it a "secret" - so killing Wangyu and his companion is the only solution to protect Sungnyang.

These are just small problems that probably even the emperor himself doesn't care about but she noticed them. Yom was the one who tortured her father and even if Ta Hwan didn't betray her, her father will still die and yet, the one she hated the most was Ta Hwan. because being betrayed by someone whom you trusted and cared for, will be more painful than those whom you didn't care about.

And even though she hated him enough that she wanted to kill him.

Every time he gets sad, she stares at him sympathetically.

And I do think that the emperor is also really strong.

Imagine having to live your whole life in that kind of environment where no one was there to really support him and show him love, that's really depressing kind of life. He is stupid, weak,whiny,obsessive, possessive, coward and all. In the end, the only thing he could offer her is his empire and the tittle but in the end he lost it, but still SN loves him and willing to stay with him.