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Furthermore, as Schaafsma (191) points out, rock art sites are not "destroyed in the course of being studied," as are subsurface sites that require excavation and hence destruction of the physical record." "Vast numbers of petroglyphs appear on slabs, boulders, and broad rock faces throughout America, displaying great diversity in manner of execution and finish.

Hammerstones of ordinary form were doubtless employed, but pointed pick-like implements, hafted or unhafted, were better suited to the purpose.." "The form of picture-writing known as the petroglyph is of world-wide distribution and is common over most of North America.

The trunk is impressive for its length and for the fact that it does have a bifurcated end that may represent "fingers." Many Old World Paleolithic cave sites, such as Chauvet in France, illustrate the ends of woolly mammoth trunks with one long and one short grasping "finger." The shorter one is referred to as the thumb.

Although not very impressive, mammoth 1 has one front and two back "stick-like" legs.

Mastodons did not have these two identifiable features.

Mammoth 1 also has two parallel tusks that extend outward from an area lower on the head, unlike horns that would attach higher up near the top of the head.

They represent some of the most important evidence archaeologists have to interpret cultural history.

The pattern is thought to be very early and date to sometime between the Pleistocene-Holocene transition period, approximately 13,300 to 12,500 years ago.

It represents a portion of a cluster of petroglyphs that are described as a panel.

The design above mammoth 1 is described as a bison.

Both the mammoth and bison were formed by pecking, incising, and scraping.