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The crankshaft and camshafts must not be moved until the chain and sprockets are fitted.The chain should have no slack from the half speed shaft to the inlet camshaft and then none to the exhaust camshaft.As an alternative method, do not use the timing slots at all, then inlet and exhaust camshafts can be used in either position, using a dial gauge.It is assumed that the camshafts are of the standard profile.

Fit either type camshaft in the exhaust side and turn clockwise until it depresses the # 1 tappet .077" plus or minus .005" (just open).Procedure: To modify an exhaust camshaft for dual use, mark or cut a new slot 105 camshaft degrees counter-clockwise from the old slot, viewed from the front.If cutting a new slot the old slot should be engraved with the letter E and the new slot with I.This is calculated as follows: Have an engine at TDC on compression # 4 with the original slots both lined up with the bearing cap slots.If you turn the crank 130 degrees (50 degrees BBDC) the exhaust cam will just contact the tappet.If you go back to TDC on compression # 4 and turn the crank again you will have to go 340 degrees before the inlet cam contacts its tappet at 20 degrees BTDC (180 180 - 20).