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Life isn’t a episode: You shouldn’t hit on anyone you could also fire.

“I was worried that if this got worse, he would follow me home.I felt like someone was breathing down my neck.”The legal definition of sexual harassment includes “verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature” that is “so frequent or severe that it creates a hostile or offensive work environment.” But Jennifer Drobac, a law professor at Indiana University, uses a much easier litmus test to determine appropriate office behavior.“Imagine that you have Aunt Bessie or Uncle Mordecai sitting on your shoulder watching whatever is going on,” she says.But if a colleague you ask out says “no” or acts uninterested in any way, back off.“Sometimes [guys] think ‘no’ means ‘try harder’ or ‘double down on the number of texts or phone calls,’” says HR consultant Steve Albrecht. “If a woman tells a guy ‘I’m busy’ three to four times then he should get the hint that’s she’s not interested,” says Jonathan Bennett, a relationship coach.“After that, I didn’t trust him professionally [because] clearly he’s not someone who I [could] trust personally.”Not only is being the serial dater at work a bad look, it could also get you into legal trouble.