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W3C tells us, "Validation is one of the simplest ways to check whether a page is built in accordance with Web standards, and provides one of the most reliable guarantee that future Web platforms will handle it as designed." for Web design.It also teaches and encourages best practices for Web design.Web designer and marketer Christine Churchill notes, "Bad HTML can hurt your site in the search engines without you ever realizing it. While [modern ] browsers are very forgiving of your HTML errors, search engine spiders aren't nearly as kind.

You might take a close look at de Valk's article to see how he reorganized his site structure to make it more user- and SEO-friendly.

While many veterans have learned to create error-free code and make relatively few validation errors, most beginners make more errors.

Computer validation checks can help beginners learn from their mistakes.

Validating your Web page won't guarantee that it will appear just the way you want it.

It only ensures that your code is free of syntax errors.