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Update: Das fr September geplante Musical wird aus organisatorischen Grnden auf unbestimmte Zeit verschoben. Ein Interview und das Video "Lied für meine Feinde" von DAS HAUS VON LUCI sind in der aktuellen Sendung von SCHATTENREICH auf ONYX zu sehen: Sonntag, 16. An alle Freunde von das Haus von Luci -- Lucis neue Band lädt am Do. um 20 Uhr zur SPIRITISTISCHEN RECORD RELEASE SITZUNG in die Kalkscheune.
CORVALLIS, OR—Instantly repulsed by the startling image, local woman Monica Arquette immediately deleted a picture that, above all others ever taken of her, most closely resembled her actual self, sources reported Monday.

Flickr rss feed not updating wordpress

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Two of my favorite features are how it displays image and video content via lightbox (instead of taking people off of your website) and how you can design different timelines for multiples posts/pages/widgets.

Check out the full feature list below to help dream up your favorite use for this cool plugin.

And like Feed Them Social above, you are not limited to just your own content.

You can pull social content in from other users, or in the case of instagram, multiple types of filters including popular, tag, users, and location.

The RSS 2 specification says that all the elements in an item are optional, however “at least one of title or description must be present.” I didn’t mind until I received a few comments from my friends and followers saying my RSS feed is broken.

Also, things like Twitterfeed, Feedburner Socialize and so on stop working if they’re sharing titles and links only, so you get a lonely link in Twitter, doh!

One thing I really love about the Word Press community is that its not always about commercial use cases.

I looked at how RSS feed entries without titles look and guess what! It will look for an empty title and replace with a 15 word excerpt.

Hopefully a similar technique can be implemented for titles in the theme head section (or for SEO plugins that rewrite them), post titles in the commenting section, in popular posts lists and so on.