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RSA Secur ID (SDI) is a solution provided by RSA Security.

The RSA ACE/Server is the administrative component of the SDI solution. Cisco ASA supports SDI authentication natively only for VPN user authentication.

The SDI solution uses small physical devices called that provide users with an OTP that changes every 60 seconds.

These OTPs are generated when a user enters a personal identification number and are synchronized with the server to provide the authentication service.

Cisco ASA uses the TCP version for its TACACS implementation.

The TACACS authentication concept is similar to RADIUS.

The NAS sends an authentication request to the TACACS server (daemon).

The following subsections introduce each of the authentication protocols and servers that Cisco ASA supports.

RADIUS is a widely implemented authentication standard protocol that is defined in RFC 2865, "Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS)." RADIUS operates in a client/server model.