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Her varied career has seen her nominated for an Oscar, whilst she garnered a slew of critical acclaim for roles in An Education, The Great Gatsby and Suffragette.

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I spoke with 5 guys who the site said had viewed my profile over 25 times to find that NONE of them had looked more than once and 2 said they had no idea what I was talking about, they'd never looked at my profile because I was a non-smoker.BEWARE of these sites, I'm not sure that the money they charge is worth the inaccuracy they provide or the hype they put out there.ODDPeople add me as a favorite and then their profile is unavailable. A note to all people that are serious about finding a match...don't use this site. This site used to allow you as a free member to view messages, who has viewed you, etc.Now you can't even see who has viewed you, or said yes to your pictures.

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My experience with Senior People Meet and BBPeople Meet is that they are basically a glorified database and deny vital access to non-paid members.

Pickings are thus slim for conservative men from New England. Once it was ready, the problem became how to get subscribers.

I think lots of the profiles on any site are made up.

The sites are highly expensive for the services that you do get and the old school search engines.

For instance, SPM showed that one viewer had viewed my profile over 60 times.