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Back then, he was still “The Rock,” just taking baby steps out of the WWE ring.

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No one in either of the first two Humvees survived.My Mother got the call about am Pacific Standard Time that my father was killed. Over the next few months my Mother became more and more silent, hardly talking, hardly doing much of anything.We tried to have girl’s nights out but seeing other couples only upset her and usually brought our nights to an end.So before I go further I guess I should explain who my Mother is.I woke up one morning to my Father and Mother crying in the kitchen. As I walked up to my parents I asked what had happened, what was wrong.

My Mother was a nervous wreck again, always scared that next phone call was going to be the call to let us know he was gone, that my Father had died. About 2 months after deployment my Father had been in a convoy headed from one base to another. My Fathers car and the one before it were hit with gun fire and RPG missiles.

After cutting our show short because of her online exam in the morning, she switched off her machine we had said our goodnights and I had left to my room.

Sometime in the middle of the night my Mother would wake up in pain if her breast were still full from an unsuccessful milking the night before hand.

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My mother, myself, and a story that started our mother/daughter sexual encounters.