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The “alerts” are a bit ambiguous and there is a lack of a concise daily track record of every alert or what is considered an alert.

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He would later describe that night as the drunkest he's ever been, and a neighbor from down the hall would describe his level of intoxication as a "shitshow." He was "slurring his words, stumbling over the others when he got up." kind of drunk.The other freshman, Jane, one month shy of her eighteenth birthday and a mere five feet two inches tall, was rebounding from the previous night's hangover by shooting vodka and sipping screwdrivers at a small gathering in a friend's room.The decision effectively put colleges in the law-enforcement business, and it also provided a powerful tool to a new generation of activists across the country who were fed up with how administrators too often blamed or dismissed victims of sexual assault on campus.The night after their drunken encoutner, John and Jane sat outside Braun Hall and, according to John, talked for two hours about what had happened the night before – which both claimed they couldn't really remember.In the spring of 2013, two professors at Occidental, Caroline Heldman and Danielle Dirks, filed two complaints against the school, under Title IX and a related law, on behalf of the recently formed Oxy Sexual Assault Coalition (OSAC), alleging Occidental had mishandled investigations and underreported incidents of sexual assault for dozens of women.

(His roommate would later tell investigators that, based on what he was told to look out for during the sexual-assault-prevention training he received during orientation, what he saw when he walked in the room didn't look like sexual assault.) Later, when John went down the hall to use the restroom, a neighbor from down the hall knocked on John's door to check on Jane.One of them would later describe the ensuing half hour as Jane "trying to kiss John and dance with him … but 'also seemed pretty indifferent' to Jane's advances. (The college would later commission an inquiry into the events of the night, with two independent investigators interviewing witnesses and summarizing their statements—and in some instances quoting them directly—in an official report. JOHN: Knock when you're here Seemingly aware of what was coming next, Jane texted a friend "I'm wasted" and "I'mgoingtohave sex now," and while she made her way down to John's room, she vomited in a trash can in the hallway before making it to the men's bathroom and, finally, John's room.and John trying to get [the two friends] to leave." That friend also said that "Jane was grabbing John and trying to kiss him… [The friend] observed that John was 'not at all going for her … All observations attributed to witnesses in this story, as well as texts cited, are taken from that report.)JOHN: The second that you're away from them, come back JANE: Okay JOHN: Get the fuck back here. [I don't care.] Just get back here JANE: Okay do you have a condom JOHN: Yes. Later, John would say he remembers few specifics about the following hour, including the A. text he sent to his roommate instructing him to "stay the fuck out of our room." He also put a piece of paper in the slot for the key card to the room, the millennial equivalent of the sock on the doorknob.Relations between the sexes have gotten a little tense.So, in "Women & Men," a special section in Esquire's April 2015 issue, we candidly address a complicated question that we should all be discussing openly: What is the state of relations between the men and women of America today?' Jane replied, 'Yeah, I'm fine.' [He] said he asked Jane Doe a third time if she was okay, and she answered that she was." While the neighbor would also say that Jane answered "kind of unconvincingly" and she sounded "kind of sad," he said he "took her word for it." (Jane told investigators that she also remembers this exchange.) John returned from the rest room, and thirty minutes later Jane left his room.