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Stevie J started his professional career with the Bad Boy Records . Furthermore, he produced many records for Notorious B. G.’s album named ‘Life After Death’, such as, “Mo Money Mo Problems”, and many more.

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Alexa seems to take GLADo S’s side, as she’s a fan of the cake: Chuck Norris is the internet’s favorite superhero.

Thousands of “Chuck Norris Facts” brag of his accomplishments.

It seems that Alexa is a personal friend, as she’s happy to tell you that you shouldn’t bother looking for Chuck Norris.

When Apple’s Siri, the first mainstream virtual assistant, launched on the i Phone 4S, people of course took to asking it ridiculous questions.

You’ll have to look elsewhere to add new words to your insult dictionary.

We’ve been taught through movies and games that to defeat artificial intelligence, all we must do is confront it with a logical paradox.

Some would claim that the Echo is stupid because of these quirks, but they’re all in good fun.

We’ve set out to share the funniest Alexa responses with you.