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Goodwill Industries soon occupied a city block, where they repaired and processed discarded clothing and furniture and converted "waste to wages".
The geographical area of Florida diminished with the establishment of English settlements to the north and French claims to the west. Augustine, burning the city and its cathedral to the ground several times.

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He was expertly focused in on the words scrawled across the big brown box that the mover was currently toting up the driveway: Sabrina-Toys. Kids meant nothing would be happening over there, at least nothing he would care to watch.He whistled for Kippers and set about his nightly routine of feeding himself and his dog, a gorgeous tri colored Collie that was the sole surviving member of his family.Sabrina-Outfits, Sabrina-Bathroom, Angel-Books, Angel-Pictures. There was a basket of clothes too, the top was covered in a towel, but he could see glimpses of silky things, and lacy things, and prettily colored fabric.He wished he could be guaranteed a few seconds alone, but knew if he touched the basket that would be the moment someone would walk out and he would meet his new neighbors with his hand in the cookie jar.A stunningly beautiful woman ran out from the house to the Mustang to grab a basket of clothes.Her hair was long to her thighs and a brilliant yellow that seemed to emanate light more than catch it.After dinner he decided to take Kippers for a walk around the block a few times rather than just letting him into the yard.

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He did catch a name though, it would have been hard to miss the giant pink scrawl We will miss you Kali.Rock music was blasting from the front left window of the house and the same band was featured prominently among the stickers.He slowly made his way down his porch steps with Kippers trying to drag him forward.Its backseat was piled with boxes and baskets but no one was around outside.In the street was a beat up looking blue Fiesta that was garishly covered in bumper stickers, obviously driven by a teenager.He walked slowly and watched the house for any signs of life.