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However, the interests of the local leaders prevailed and the subcontinent ended up divided into multiple countries.

While these countries shared a language and culture, they failed to develop consistent political and economic ties.

Until now, the norm in Latin American countries has been to send graduate students or postdocs to centers of excellence, usually in Europe or the United States.

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In Argentina, the vast majority of the scientists graduate from public universities that are state-funded and free.Science can be a useful tool for improving international relations within regions, including Latin America.There have been some experiments aimed at testing whether education of Latin American scientists under a new paradigm can contribute toward strengthening regional and global integration in the region.In fact, it has been proposed that the demise of our cousins, the Neanderthals, was due to their inability to incorporate some of the improvements in the hunting tools developed by the coexisting modern humans.Therefore, even from our ancient pasts, knowledge, together with commercial goods, has been a subject of exchange between nations.Therefore, although they do not have financial debts, they should have an ethical debt to their community.