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After locking their camper and releasing the accelerator she runs off but is murdered by a serial killer. Sean and Christian later bury another person who died on their operating table and this almost ends Mc Namara/Troy's partnership for good.Later Sean tries to commit suicide by swimming out too far. At end of the series, Sean quits Mc Namara/Troy to work solo.He meets Kate, a woman who stars on the show with Sean and they date for a while until she mentions her fantasy would be having sex with a black man.Later on, he gets seduced by Olivia's daughter Eden but Sean nearly has a heart attack having sex with her while on ecstasy.He begins a romantic relationship with married Michelle Landau, which becomes an engagement following the death of her husband.Buys out Sean's part of the practice only to sell his own stake in the practice to Michelle when he decides to leave her.Sean and his wife Julia, who reconciled after a brief separation, have three children-Matt, Annie, and Connor, who is physically handicapped.

He tries several different ways to get the recognition he believes he deserves, such as doing a naked photo shoot which attracts gay men to the office.

This hurts Liz, and she leaves Mc Namara/Troy, returning to Miami.

Although he believes he is getting better, it's revealed his cancer has become terminal and he only has six months left. At the end of the season, Christian is informed he is in remission, but after he has already married Liz.

However, their relationship ends when the Carver kidnaps Kimber.

Christian's hope that selling ownership of the practice would lead to fewer stresses has proved to be unfounded.